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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restore the default "factory" settings?

Delete file init.sfs located in My Documents\StarFisher\Scripts\, and restart StarFisher.

I updated StarFisher and now all the astrological symbols are gone. What should I do?

It seems the font registration failed. Just restart Windows, it should help.

What is the difference between Horoscope and Event (Event Data)?

An event (or event data) is just a description of an event in time and space (such as a birth or wedding). A horoscope is an astrologically relevant use of one or more events. Although it may be a bit confusing in the case of standard horoscopes, it is quite obvious in cases of comparison, composite or midpoint horoscopes. Suppose we have two persons 'a' and 'b' and we know their date and place of birth - events A and B. In such cases we can create a simple standard horoscope for person A, a comparison horoscope for A and B or a composite horoscope for A and B. As you can see, we can create at least 3 different horoscopes using the same event A.

The Event menu serves for creating and managing events - typically changing the date, time or place of such an event.

The Horoscope menu serves for creating and managing horoscopes - typically selecting events and changing various parameters of the horoscope.

I loaded an event file using menu File > Load Script and nothing happened. Why?

Actually, the event was loaded as instructed, If you want a new horoscope to be created immediately, use menu Event >. Open Event…

I changed Default Body/Aspect set in Settings but it didn't affect the current horoscope. What's wrong?

Nothing at all. You changed the default settings, i.e. settings used for every new horoscope by default (To save the settings, use menu File > Save Settings As Default). If you wanted to change the aspect or body sets used by the current horoscope only, use menu Horoscope > Edit Horoscope: Advanced.

I would like to install additional Asteroids/Stars/other optional components I did not install during the setup. How to do this?

Using menu File > Load Script browse to C:\Program Files\StarFisher\Scripts\ and load the needed script. E.g. stars.sfs or asteroids.sfs. Do not load scripts starting with load_. These are for internal program needs only.