free astrology software

Getting started


If you have not installed it yet, get the program from:

Now launch StarFisherSetup.exe and let the wizard guide you through the installation. There are some configuration presets ready to make you the installation easier. Just select what fits you best.

Main Concepts

The program allows different horoscopes to share the same event data (usually date, time and place of birth or other event) and settings. This brings a great flexibility. For example, it is possible to have a native chart of person "A" displayed as the radix in one window, an aspect grid of comparison charts of persons "A" and "B" in another window, transits for person "B" in third window, etc, etc. These concepts are described more in detail in the Introduction.

First steps

There is a set of tutorials that should help you learn the basics of work with StarFisher. It is recommended to read them from the beginning.